Day One: Preparation and reunion

The team had a busy but wonderful day today.  Many old friends were reunited and new friendships were forged.  The Hospital Especialdades and Dr. Oscar Marraquin and his staff were gracious and welcoming, making way for the 37-member team and all of our supplies.  

After delivering, unpacking and readying things at the hospital for the big day tomorrow (and everyone I talk to says “Screening Day” with such anticipation and excitement), there was a little time to explore and rest before heading to Dr. Marroquin’s home for a sumptuous BBQ.  Many of the members of the Club Rotario Huehuetenango joined us (and helped drive) – the hospitality was awesome.

As Dr. Marroquin says, “mi casa es su casa” and “mi hospital es su hospital” — and we all know he truly means it.  And we also know it’s for the kids, and glad to be able to be a part of something so important.

Until tomorrow!


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