This post is to introduce a humanitarian project to you that runs under the sponsorship of our local Rotarian friend, Dr. Cesar Temaj at the Salus I clinic: The “Fundacion Salvacion” is an orphanage just outside of Huehuetenango and serves as a transient or permanent shelter for orphans or otherwise abandoned people. Usually the family and/or communal structures are very tight in Guatemala and once this fine woven safety net will not catch you, the situation becomes dire quickly. Accordingly it is probably not too surprising that from the about 40 current residents of the orphanage there are not only babies and children, but also elder residents with mental illnesses who, unlike the children, will probably remain there for life. One of the engagement of our mission is to provide health screening and arranging a data base with everybody’s health information – which will come handy for our annual follow up visits (this time is the third consecutive year of the Iowa MOST team stopping by and supporting the orphanage). Our team liked the interaction with the children and remarked how well cared for everybody appeared. The orphanage asked us not to take any photos, so that I will just refer to their website for those of you who would like to have more information:

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