Juan Francisco Fernandez – In-Country Coordinator


Fondly   known as Paco, Juan Francisco Fernandez is our in-country coordinator and a man of many skills and talents.  Paco is Executive Director of Casa Colibri, a medical clinic in the far western highlands of Guatemala, which has been built and supported by Rotary club members from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada.  However, each year Paco takes time from his responsibilities and busy life to work with Iowa MOST.  He handles dozens of logistical details and helps us navigate the culture and language differences.
            Paco was raised in Guatemala and Canada and he worked in tourism to pay for his education.  He is uniquely qualified to handle the small cultural details and communication that could cause enormous stumbling blocks to our mission. 
            Whether he is communicating the urgency of moving our supplies through customs or easing our way through any potential roadblock (literally and figuratively), he is our lifeline in Guatemala.  We couldn’t do this without him. 

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