Miles of Smiles Team Arrives in Huehuetenango!

It all started on Thursday morning, February 4th, when alarm clocks around Iowa City began to go off at 2:00 am in the morning. 28 people jumped out of bed, finished their packing and headed to the Eastern Iowa Airport to catch a 5:30 Delta flight to Atlanta. Once at the airport this group of very enthusiastic people (especially for 4:00 am) checked in with Delta to discover that the flight to Atlanta had been delayed for mechanical reasons. Ei-yi-yi!

The real kicker here is that if our flight didn’t depart by 7:00 am then we’d miss our connection in Atlanta. If that happened then we’d all be stranded in Atlanta until we could catch flights sometime in the next two days. It wasn’t looking good:(

We definitely must be blessed because not only did the mechanic fix the plane though it was a bit past 7:00 am, but our connection in Atlanta actually held the flight to Guatemala City for us! Thank you Delta!!!!

Paco, our magical in-county logistics leader, met us in Guatemala City with a large bus and we began weaving our way up into the Western Highlands. After too many twists and turns to count during a 6 hour drive, we arrived at the Hotel Ruinas to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for a full day of unpacking supplies and prepping for Screening Day!

After traveling 19 hours of traveling, the 2016 Miles of Smiles team is all smiles themselves as we dream about the children we’ll be meeting in the next few days.

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