Heading to the hospital on our first day.

We are excited to start posting about the 2018 Iowa MOST mission!  Most of the team arrived on Thursday around 9 p.m. after a long day of travel by plane and by bus.

Setting up the OR.

Friday was a day of organization and preparation and things went smoothly enough to allow most of the team a few free hours to explore and rest up for the big day on Saturday.

On Friday evening many of the Rotarians from Huehuetenango hosted us for a wonderful dinner—it is such a pleasure to catch up with friends and to make new ones, and we are grateful for the warm hospitality and friendship, as well as all of the ways these friends contribute to the success of the project.

Greeting “old” friends.

Everyone was excited for screening day.  It’s a long day for the team and for all of the families, and the kids are amazing at waiting and finding ways to entertain themselves—with help from Nienke and her balloons. We were glad that there were more than 50 families waiting at Salus 1.  This year we added Salus 2 at a nearby hospital and we will be offering cataract surgery for the first time!   There we were rewarded with more than 50 people for screening day and the team performed 3 procedures on their first day.

We look forward to telling stories about the many people we are able to help this year—please keep an eye out for additional photos on Facebook, as well as continued updates here.  Most of all, thanks to the many people who help make this Rotary project possible!

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