from Krasi Hristov, Johnson & Johnson Volunteer


Amaly is 9 months old. Yesterday her parents brought her to the hospital with the hope to get help for the congenital deformity of her hand. The family lives more than three hours away and they had to leave their four other children at home due to the high cost of transportation. The plastic surgeons confirmed that she can be operated upon and Amily was seen by the anesthesiologist (Chris) and Dr. Oscar Gomez, our pediatrician. As Griselle (our translator) spoke with the family, the mother shared how concerned she is that her baby may die in the hospital (a common fear and concern with people who live in rural Guatemala since they don’t have any access to health care). When Amaly’s father didn’t get involved in any conversation, his wife explained that “his tongue is at the bottom of his mouth” and he can’t talk. He was examined by the surgeon and the dentist and a treatment plan was developed and delivered – release the tongue and remove a lot of the bad teeth (13) in his mouth the hospital. This is what Iowa MOST does.  We bring hope of a better life to Guatemalans who have very few opportunities or resources.  All of our prayers are with Amily and her family that their future will be blessed with health and happiness.


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