from Rotary District 6000 Governor-Elect Chris Knapp

Today was a full day of surgeries for the MOST team.  The surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, nursing and support staff were busy from 8:00 to 4:00 with cleft lip repairs, teeth extractions and other minor surgeries.  All of the patients came through their procedures with flying colors and will be released tomorrow.

Four of the non-medical team members dedicated themselves to a special project for the children of Huehuetenango today.  We went to the Homenage al Nino Especial.  This is a school that is supported by the Rotary Club of Huehuetenango for children with physical and learning disabilities.  The team, composed of Deb and Cassye Dunkhase, Brad Langguth, two Guatemala amigos, and myself spent almost 7 hours painting the exterior of the school.  The transformation from extremely faded browns and yellow deteriorated paint to beautiful, calming blues and greens is  amazing.  We were able to apply a sky blue and beautiful green to the exterior today.  Tomorrow our resident artists will begin to paint a special mural on their new “canvas.”

While at the school we were incredibly fortunate to interact with the students near the end of their day.  The were celebrating a Guatemalan tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras by smashing egg shells filled with confetti on peoples heads.   All of us, children, teachers, Rotarians and visitors got egg shells smashed on their heads with

Everyone loves Brad!!
Everyone loves Brad!!

confetti everywhere.  It was hysterical for almost an hour.  What Fun!!!!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be a busy day for all as we wrap up our surgeries, unload our supplies from the states.  More tomorrow.

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