Thoughts from Vernette Knapp, District 6000 Governor Elect Spouse

Moises Mehenia Francises is 3 years old who lives with his family in the village of Santa Eulalia, 3 1/2 hours away from Huehuetenango which is a full day of travel for the family.  Moises’s family has no economic resources and live a subsistence life.

When Moises was born he had no ears or ear canals and is unable to use a traditional hearing aid.  Moises hears very little of the world around him.  For Moises to have any chance of hearing he will need hearing tests and an overhead bone conduction hearing aid.

The test, hearing aid, and professional help in fitting the hearing aid and the cost to bring his family to Huehuetenago would cost approximately $12,000 for the medical procedure to help Moises hear.  This cost is far beyond his family’s ability to pay. It should also be noted that his sister is a candidate for cleft palate surgery next year. Isn’t this a perfect reason and opportunity for fund raising?  We would have the opportunity to help a young child truly have the chance to be a part of the world he lives in.

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