Due to the pandemic, the Iowa MOST team will not be able to travel to Guatemala in 2021 to provide the free cleft and cataract surgeries to the most vulnerable people of the Western Highlands that we’ve performed for the past 15 years. Though we can’t be with our Guatemalan family this year, we can still help – just in a different way.

Covid has severely hit Guatemala causing hardships we can’t even imagine. Without a healthcare system that can accommodate the severity of this virus, the country has literally shut down to try to alleviate their people from dying from covid. All markets are closed. Businesses and schools are closed. Families are no longer able to earn money to support themselves.

A primary concern of our partner, the Rotary Club of Huehuetenango, is how the pandemic is impacting children. As you know, the malnutrition rate for Guatemalan children is high with almost one million children under the age of 5 suffering from chronic malnutrition. Covid has made these staggering statistics even worse. We can help.

Iowa MOST is raising money to help support the Rotary Club of Huehue’s malnutrition programs for the most vulnerable kids including our past and future cleft patients, continued literacy education in schools where MOST has done outreach for years, and helping to provide the essential needs of food and shelter for the local orphanage where our team volunteers each year.

YOU can help the children of Guatemala during Covid with a financial donation that will go directly to provide food and essential services for the most vulnerable children.

Please send a check to Iowa MOST, 7 Wellesley Way, Iowa City, Iowa 52245 OR use this button to make a donation:

Thank you so very much for helping Iowa MOST care for our Guatemalan children.

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