Safety and Flexibility. The most important watchword of the Iowa MOST mission is Safety.  After Safety comes the importance of Flexibility. So what happens when a hopeful individual appears in the midst of the week after patients have already been screened and placed on the schedule for surgery?  Such a situation arose this week as it sometimes does when Reyli’s parents brought him to the Salus Hospital seeking surgery to repair the cleft lip of their four-month old son.

Much caution is used when considering surgery for a child as young as Reyli.  Careful screening is a must to be in accord with our focus on Safety, but no one is turned away without careful screening to determine their needs and to provide any assistance that Iowa MOST can reasonably and safely offer.  The focus on Flexibility means the prospective patient will be found a spot on the schedule if at all possible.

So here came Reyli on Sunday with his parents who had only discovered information about the mission on Friday, but made the trip with hopes of help for their son.  And Reyli, though young, was healthy and hardy.  In fact, he is a good eater weighing in in at 17 pounds! A perfect candidate! Reyli was worked into the Monday surgery schedule and his cleft lip was repaired. 

Reyli was so young that he will grow up no different from his siblings and he will never remember that he had a cleft issue.  Safety and Flexibility. The guiding principles of Iowa MOST. These principles worked well for Reyli and his family, and have been critical to the success of the mission during our 15 years here.

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