Author: Deb Dunkhase

Miles of Smiles Team Arrives in Huehuetenango!

It all started on Thursday morning, February 4th, when alarm clocks around Iowa City began to go off at 2:00 am in the morning. 28 people jumped out of bed, finished their packing and headed to the Eastern Iowa Airport to catch a 5:30 Delta flight to Atlanta. Once at the airport this group of…

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Adios, Gary!

Gary Pacha has served as the Iowa MOST Team Leader for the past ten years exemplifying the “Rotary Serving Humanity” theme of the upcoming year. This year Gary will step back from the annual cleft missions to Huehuetenango. Though he won’t be on the flight out of Cedar Rapids with the rest of the team…

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Iowa MOST 2016 Countdown to Guatemala

In just two days, the 2016 Iowa MOST team will be headed to Huehuetenango, Guatemala!  This year’s team of 42 very dedicated and generous individuals will spend Feb 4th to 14th changing the lives of dozens of children who currently face each day with the severe challenges of being born with cleft lip or palate. …

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