10:15 local time our hospital was shaken quite vigorously by an earthquake, 6.4 Richter scale with an epicenter about 50 miles from us in Mexico.

While we were all rushing to the outside, our Guatemalean friends were quite relaxed about it “Welcome to Guatemala – welcome to the ring of fire”. Things calmed down soon after and we are up and running again. No damages here, no worries “ni modo” as new our Spanish motto would sound.

In the meantime we are starting patient screening with the core team that made it despite flight cancellations to Huehuetenango already by late last night. So far we have a good 25 patients waiting patiently in the halls of the Salus Hospital here and so far we have done a preliminary screening on about 12 of them.

More to come – just that you all know we are well and productive (as always :-))

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