Things are getting closer, the excitement rises !

So far the 2019 Mission seems to be under a good star: The government shutdown is paused just in time for us all travelling and also winter storm “Jayden” seems to move through the plains plenty ahead of the time for our take-offs – I hope I dont JINXX it by writing those lines.

It is very exciting to follow the group’s chatter on our What’sApp mission chat (oh yes: We are entering the digital age: Thanks to a mission hotspot that our ever-first-on-a-mission IT member Juan will set up for us in the hospital in Huehuetenango, we will even be able to communicate like that while on site. Good-bye to the CB radios we had to rely on to manage in the past): Here are some of my favorites from the WhatsApp channel: “So excited, I packed and repacked twice” … “excited to go, cant wait” … “hope everyone is getting fired up” … “I’ve got a smile on my face anticipating seeing you all and knowing the good we’ll be doing”…

This is one of the very profound aspects of the mission:

Though we are puzzled together from different professions, stages in life, countries and cultures, there is one common underlying value among us: Commitment to serve for a greater good and to care for others. It is always rewarding to see that as long as we are joined in this general belief and mission, the interpersonal interactions, the effective and coordinated work together, the mutual inspiration miraculously and beautifully all grow from that center value like snowflakes form in the dead of night:

So, stay tuned for more “metaphorical snowflakes” soon (only 3 more days) and keep your fingers crossed with us that we continue to dodge the “real snowflakes”


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